First we had the GANGSTERS.

Then came the BANKSTERS.

Hurray! The DOCSTERS have arrived on the crime stage.

On the 19th of June 2013, the AMA (American Medical Association) classified obesity as a disease.

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This filthy group of docsters voted to classify obesity as a disease, by a narrow margin. Since when did science become a democracy? Since when did reason, facts and unbiased scientific methodology cease to apply in medicine?

You do not have to dig deep to find the obvious answers to these questions.

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The AMA is responding to the tremendous transformations, sweeping through American society. Our once capitalist nation has become a glaring plutocracy, excelling in every facet of ugliness.

AMA pretends to stand for American Medical Association. However, its true moral nature is the Association of Mercantile con-Artists.

Hence, the questions!

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Who is being defrauded? Why is the victim being defrauded?

The answer to the second question is simple: follow the money. These docsters are motivated by the same greed, which spurs every plutocrat into dubious rackets.

It is all about YOUR MONEY!

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Obesity as a disease means a flood of new customers for the doctors. If you are obese, you are sick. See your doctor! What do you suppose is happening to your doctor’s cash registers? It is singing “I conned you babe,” all the way to the bank.

What do you suppose the medicalization of obesity represents to big Pharma? It represents billions of dollars in sales revenues.

where the cats of Big Pharma photo pic5wherethecatsofBigPharma_zps41723f44.jpg

It is all about your money and we are talking big money. We are talking about multitudes of billions of dollars per quarter.

In 2010, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that over 35% of American adults were obese. (Source: Wikipedia)

Please stop reading and go over to Wikipedia because you really need to verify that number.

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Have you checked the statistic? Do you understand what that means? 35% means that, more than 1 out of every 3 American adults has suddenly become paying customer to our vulgar breed of nasty docsters and their pharmaceutical associates.

Docsters on Vacation

Are you thinking; that’s no big deal? The docsters and their pharmaceutical associates can’t force an obese person to see a doctor. They can’t force an obese person to purchase medication. So, it is no big deal! They can vote all the ordinances, they want. It’s ok; so long as, they can’t use force to reach into the obese’ pockets!

You naïve and gullible human! May God forgive you!

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You have too much faith in your fellow man. Who can blame you; especially when, we are talking about a well-respected group of professionals? You just can’t come around to see that, this prestigious class of professionals is just as rotten as our wall-street banksters.

Permit me to break it down for you!

Back to the first question! Who is being defrauded?


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You are being defrauded. You are their victim! It is completely irrelevant, whether you are obese or not. You too are going to pay. Everybody will! Remember O*ama care _ the socialized healthcare scheme! What do you think, it is all about?

Previously, if an obese person wanted medical care, she had to pay for it from her pocket. Medical insurance did not cover obesity because it was not a disease.

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Now that obesity is a disease, the insurance companies have to cover it.

Are you thinking, that’s fine by me because my employer pays my insurance policy?

If you don’t receive your monthly pay slip, hop over to the accounting department! Ask them for your pay slip.

Prepare to make a shocking discovery.

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Where does the difference between your gross pay and your net pay go? Take a good look at the money going out for your medical policy. That money could have been part of your take-home pay. At least a large chunk of it! Your employer would have paid you that money, if he didn’t have to hand it over to the insurance company.

Worse yet, the money going out for your medical policy is about to experience and exponential explosion.

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Why should you care? After all, no one is reducing your salary. I’ll tell you why. You should care because you have been deprived of a raise. Even if, your company announces record profits, year after year, your salary is likely to remain the same. If it increases at all, it would only be, by a negligible pittance.

Why are you not getting your share in your company’s huge profits?

Because the money, that was supposed to be paid to you, is now being paid to your insurance company.

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Can you see, that it is your money we are talking about? And it does not matter whether you are obese or not. You are still going to pay.

What about the obese? Are they going to benefit? Are they going to get cured? Are we going to start seeing less obese people in the streets?

No, the obese will not benefit!!!

only the docsters will benefit

You and the obese are being taken to the cleaners. The monstrous irony is nothing is getting cleaned. You will get nothing in return. On the contrary, the situation will only get worse.

It is a guarantee!!!

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It is not a question of likelihood. It is going to get worse. If you think, 1 in 3 obese Americans spells an epidemic, give it a decade. That number is going to be bordering 1 in 2 Americans.

Obesity is like depression. BOTH CONDITIONS ARE NOT DISEASES.

Obesity is a lifestyle choice
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They are completely under your control. You can work your way out of a depression and obesity at will.

Let’s examine what has happened, since the classification of depression as a disease and its subsequent medicalization by the docsters’ partner in crime, Big Pharma.

Depression spread like damaging gossip, affecting 1 in every 10 Americans. Big Pharma never had it so good.

Floating Island

Every year, the sales of Prozac keep skyrocketing to new heights. If depression is being treated, shouldn’t we see a decrease in patients?

Do you really belief medication and medical procedures are going to reduce the obesity epidemic?

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Of course, it won’t. And everyone knows this. The docsters know it. The obese know it.

Medication and medical procedures won’t help because obesity is not a disease. Obesity is the product of a lackadaisical lifestyle of gluttony and inactivity.

Oh! Am I heartless now? Am I inhuman for telling the truth? Are you now screaming, some people truly have a genetic handicap; hence, obesity is not their fault?

Obesity is a lifestyle choice
Obesity is a Lifestyle Choice

PC (Political Correctness) is killing us!

Yes, some obese people have a genetic handicap. The group is less than 1% of the more than 35% of obese Americans. I am not referring to them.

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In addition, they are not the target of the docsters and Big Pharma. Paradoxically, this is the only group that needs any help.

The indisputable fact remains that, more than 99% of the obese are lazy gluttons. But it’s their prerogative to be couch-loving, junk-food dumpsters.

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It is not the obese; that are in the crosshairs of this rant. It is the docsters and their pharmaceutical partners in crime!

And make no mistake about it. Theirs is not a victimless crime. You are their victims. They are reaching into your pockets and they are doing so by force!

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