Why You Must Have Green Coffee Bean Extract in Your Weight Loss Arsenal

Green coffee bean extract is the natural solution to your weight loss problems.
The formula for weight loss has always been hailed as dieting and exercising. Well, not quite! The right formula to get fit and remain in shape is good nutrition and regular exercise.
There is a difference between good nutrition and conforming to a starvation diet.
Diets do not work! Most people have had to learn this lesson from the school of hard knocks. Do not follow in their footsteps!

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Green Coffee Bean Extract

Why Diets Do Not Work?

The answer lies in the evolution of our species: Homo sapiens.
Our ancestors evolved in an environment, in which, famine and starvation were commonplace. Ancient life was pitiless. Death wiped out those who could not store enough fat to survive the harsh starvation periods.
Only those with a high capacity to store fat survived the famines. We are the descendants of those Homo sapiens. Thousands of years of evolution have programmed our genes to store fat.
This astounding fact makes dieting a catastrophic attempt to lose weight; that is destined to fail.

Get a Flat Stomach with Green Coffee Beans
Get a Flat Stomach with Green Coffee Beans
When you go on a diet for the first time, you might very well succeed in losing weight. At the same time, a mechanism of crucial importance is being unleashed. Your body is registering the dieting period as a famine.
Your body does not know that, you are voluntarily rationing your meals. Your body thinks that, you are starving and at risk of death. Your body responds by putting up a fight to ensure your survival. It activates your fat-storing genes.
That is why, people quickly regain weight when, they stop dieting.
And this precise fact makes green coffee bean extract an exciting new discovery. You do not have to go on a diet or alter your eating habits; in order to profit from the weight loss effects of green coffee bean extract.

Fitness with Green Coffee Antioxidant
Fitness with Green Coffee Antioxidant

Green Coffee Bean Extract:

The Miracle Pill to Burn Fat

An explosive media buzz erupted when Dr Oz heralded the green coffee bean extract on his TV show as “the miracle pill to burn fat.” Hordes of critics leapt out of their caves to accuse Dr Oz of hyperbole.
The skeptics took their acidic criticisms to a corrosive new level when Dr Oz said:
“You may think magic is make believe, but this little bean has scientists saying they found the magic weight loss cure for every body type. It’s green coffee beans and when turned into a supplement, this miracle pill can burn fat fast for anyone, who wants to lose weight. This is very exciting and it’s breaking news.”

How to Get a Flat Stomach photo green coffee bean extract
How to Get a Flat Stomach
Dr Oz’s statement does indeed sound like hype. But he stood his ground in spite of the storm of criticisms. And he decided to silence the critics by performing his own study on the effectiveness and safety of commercial GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant).

Scientific Proof that

Green Coffee Bean Extract Works 

100 women volunteered to participate in the study conducted by the medical unit of Dr Oz’s TV show. The study lasted two weeks and was carried out under the diligent supervision of Dr Caroline Apovian and registered dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick.
The following criteria were used to select the participants:
The women were all between the ages of 35 and 45.
The women were either overweight or obese.
The women were neither pregnant nor breastfeeding.
The women had no medical records of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.
The BMI (Body Mass Index) of the women ranged from 25 to 45.

The Ultimate Sexy Midsection Nutrition green coffee bean extract
The Ultimate Sexy Midsection Nutrition

For 2weeks, half of the women took 400mg of GCA, thrice daily. The other half took a placebo, thrice daily. The experiment was double-blind. This means that, the participants did not know whether, they were taking the placebo or the GCA. Only the supervisors of the experiment knew; who was taking what.
The women were also required to keep a daily journal. They were asked to maintain their usual eating and exercising habits.
After 2weeks, the results were sensational.
On average the women who took the GCA had lost 2pounds in 2weeks. A lose of 2pounds in 2weeks without a change in diet is truly breaking news.
A fat loss of 2pounds in 2weights might not seem impressive; but remember that this was achieved without a change in diet or exercise routine. Imagine how much more fat you can burn by adding exercises to your weight loss efforts.
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract

In addition, these phenomenal results are attained without any side-effects. The guaranteed safety of green coffee bean extract is the prevailing reason why, you should have this miracle fat burner in your weight loss arsenal.

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