Hemorrhoids Relief

Hemorrhoids (piles) are capable of destroying your day with spasmodic bouts of pain, itching and irritation. Pathological hemorrhoids (haemorrhoids) occur, when the vascular structures in your anal or rectal region become swollen or inflamed.

There are two types of haemorrhoids: internal and external haemorrhoids.

Internal haemorrhoids are painless. They are only painful in rare situations or in advanced stages of development. They bleed and may produce mucosal secretions. The shade of blood is bright red. The shade of blood is vital when diagnosing internal haemorrhoids because a different shade of blood could indicate a different condition.

Hemorrhoids Relief
Hemorrhoids Relief

Darkish blood indicates a more serious condition like bowel or colon cancer. See a medical professional immediately, if the shade of blood on your stool, toilet bowl and tissue paper is darkish.

If you are diagnosing yourself, you should double-check that, you are actually dealing with haemorrhoids. You can visually double-check with the help of a handheld mirror. Just maneuver the mirror about your rear and observe the surface of your anal region.

Look for any tears or fissures. The presence of bright red blood on your tissue paper could indicate an anal fissure. If there is no fissure in your anal opening then, you are probably dealing with internal haemorrhoids.

External haemorrhoids are much easier to diagnose. By using your mirror, you’ll be able to detect, little, grape-shaped bulges around your anal realm. They will be scared and sensitive to touch.

Avoid touching or scratching. It will only accentuate your agony.

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High Fiber Foods Prevent Hemorrhoids

Treat Yourself with Venapro

Mild hemroids do not require treatment. It suffices to be patient for a few days or weeks and they will go away on their own volition. However, patience might be a very challenging virtue, when you are being tormented by a sore, aching anus.

The real beauty of venapro is that, it treats hemroids at all stages of development.

Venapro is an advanced homeopathic formula that treats the root cause of hemroids. Venapro is carefully designed to alleviate the pain and irritation within a few hours of application.

By attacking the source of hemroids, venapro provides a long term remedy. This significant advantage is unique to venapro.

Hemorrhoid Home Care Remedy
Hemorrhoid Home Care Remedy

There are other hemroid remedies out there. Most of them only provide temporary relief because they treat the symptom instead of the cause.

Surgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Your doctor might decide to perform a surgery for any number of reasons. Normally, surgery is reserved for advanced cases. Your doctor might also opt for surgery, if you already have a different condition, which also requires surgery.

Avoid surgery at all costs.

First off, surgery is not the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids. Second off, surgical treatments have a considerable recurrence rate. Worse yet, surgery may produce dastardly complications ranging from fecal incontinence, bleeding, infections, anal strictures, mucosal ectropion to urinary retention.

Treat Hemorrhoids with Venapro
Treat Hemorrhoids with Venapro

The only thing worse than urinary retention is fecal incontinence. Fecal incontinence is a physiological state, in which, you have no control over your stool. If you suffer from fecal incontinence, you dump in your undergarments without even knowing it.

Hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical treatment of hemorrhoid.

There are two forms of hemorrhoidectomy: excisional hemorrhoidectomy and stapled hemorrhoidectomy.

In excisional hemorrhoidectomy, the hemorrhoid is directly excised. The post-surgical pain can be extremely acute. Doctors often prescribe glyceryl trinitrate to help alleviate the aches and post-surgical irritations. The healing period is within 2 to 4weeks.

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Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is also called stapled hemorrhoidopexy. In stapled hemorrhoidectomy, the surgeon cuts into the hemorrhoid and removes its content. The cut is then stapled, using a special stapling device. Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is less painful than excisional hemorrhoidectomy and patients enjoy a faster healing period. However, this surgical procedure produces a slightly higher recurrence rate.

Remember to avoid surgery at all costs. Treat your condition early and you won’t get your ass butchered on a surgeon’s table. Get safe and guaranteed relief from the certified venapro formula.

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