Normal Testosterone Levels

Normal testosterone levels vary with age. For guys under 30, the normal levels range from 600 to 1,200ng/dl (nanogram per deciliter). For guys above 30, the normal levels range from 400 to 1,200ng/dl.

Testosterone (T) levels naturally decrease with age. In general, it peaks at age 30 then starts to decrease at an annual rate of 1%. In the contemporary Western world, the age at which serum T levels peak has dropped to 25.

Over the last 2decades, the average levels of serum T in the Western man has dropped by 15%. This decline in male vitality comes at a huge price.

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Guys with low serum T levels usually experience weak erections, low sex drive, decreased libido, low sperm count, increased breast size, loss of hair, atrophied muscles, fat gain, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disruption, memory disruption, anemia and osteoporosis.

You are suffering from hypogonadism, when your serum T levels fall below 300ng/dl. Hypogonadism (hypotestosteronism or hypotestosteronemia) is a serious condition that requires medical attention.

Most guys in the West are barely above the threshold of hypogonadism. Rugged tough dudes like John Wayne and Ernest Hemmingway are relics of a past, when men were men.

There is a new breed of man, quietly exerting his presence in the streets of the West. He has been coined metrosexual. These guys are well-groomed and clean-cut heterosexuals, who are not particularly enthralled by womankind.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

They dress like the dudes on the TV series “Mad Men,” but have none of the macho qualities of the 1960s male.

In the East, Japan is also seeing a similar variant of the metrosexual. In Japan, they are called herbivore men or grass eaters. The Japanese herbivore men are also into fashion and gaming. They have very little interest in sex.

The Western metrosexual also displays little interest in sex, women and marriage. According to the 2013 US Census Bureau statistics, 49% of men above the age of 40 have never been married.

Almost half the population of men is choosing not to marry. Guys are opting for the metrosexual lifestyle.

Causes of Low Testosterone Levels

Aging is a natural cause of decreasing serum T levels. When men get past middle age, their serum T levels really begin to fall. This is often described as andropause or male menopause.

The causes of falling manhood hormone levels in the West are unknown; however, researchers point to obesity and the decline in smoking as likely causes.

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Some people blame the falling virility levels on technology and industrialization. Industrialization has created many indoor jobs that do not require physical straining.

Others point to the unbridled rise of feminism. Feminism began in the 1960s as Women’s Liberation. The movement initially sought equality, but it has lately transformed into explicit man-bashing and man-hating. How the current feminist climate has affected the testicles of men is unknown.

How to Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone replacement therapy can be through intramuscular injections, transdermal gel, transdermal patches, implantable pellets and supplements. Many people prefer supplements for the obvious reasons. Oral supplements are easier to administer.

You do not need supplements, if you are a teenager; even if, you are an athlete. Your body is fully capable of secreting all the juice you need. You just have to do the right exercises.

Supplements are not recommended for guys below 25. For guys below this age, any supplementation is just a waste of money. You should focus on resistance training, particularly lifting.

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Natural Testosterone Boosters

The guys that can really benefit from testosterone supplements are guys above 25. However, do not rely on supplements alone. You still need to exercise vigorously in order to maintain optimal performance levels.

Pro testosterone pills are the best natural supplements available. They work by stimulating your balls to secrete more manhood hormones. Order the certified, FDA-registered pills now and get a spectacular boost in energy.


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