Natural Acne Treatment

Acne is a rather common skin disease. Its scientific name is acne vulgaris. Every year, it affects roughly 650million people worldwide. Teenagers are its primary victim.


Nonetheless, it affects people in every age group. People in their 50s still suffer from pimples. Both men and women are affected.


Generally, people react to hickey with the popular methods. They rush off to the drug store and purchase gallons of chemicals. Then without any serious after-thought, they proceed to assault their precious skin with these chemicals.

Acne Pills
Acne Pills

Your skin is precious. It is the largest organ of your body. It helps regulate the temperature of your body. It covers your body and provides protection from pathogens.


You really need to ask yourself, if launching a chemical attack on your body is the right thing to do.


The most common chemicals sold for acne treatment include: benzoyl peroxide, topical retinoids, azelaic acid and isotretinin. Let’s consider the most popular chemical used for the treatment of zits: benzoyl peroxide.


Benzoyl peroxide works in two ways. It helps prevent dead skin cells from accumulating in your pores and eventually plugging them. It kills the bacteria on your skin.

Best Acne Medication
Best Acne Medication

The bacterium that causes hickey is called propionibacterium acnes. Benzoyl peroxide kills these bacteria, but they are not the only organisms that get killed. Your healthy skin cells are also killed.


When you purchase benzoyl peroxide, take a few seconds to read the side-effects on the package or information leaflet. You would be stunned.


The side-effects include burning, itching and stinging sensations. In addition, you may experience possible redness and peeling of the skin. The list of side-effects points to possible dryness and scaly skin.


Furthermore, your skin will become sensitive to sunlight. You might find yourself having to apply a layer of sunscreen each time you step outside.


Nefarious side-effects can be expected from any chemical you apply on your body. These chemical will very well do the job of annihilating your zits, but your health with also take a beat down as well.

Vitamins for Acne
Vitamins for Acne

Natural acne remedies seem like a no brainer.

Home Remedies for Acne

Apply apple cider vinegar on the hickey spots. Apple cider vinegar kills off hickey bacteria without damaging the healthy skin cells. Furthermore, after aeration, the apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline, thus helping to balance the pH level of your skin.


Wear a cinnamon and honey mask.


Cinnamon is spicy and honey is sweet. Yummy! No, they won’t be getting into your mouth. They will be going on your face. Cinnamon has antimicrobial attributes. It diminishes the spread of bacteria colonies.

Vitamins for Acne
Acne Solution

Honey is a popular antibiotic. Honey chokes the living ghost out of those little microscopic buggers.


Wear a milk and honey mask.


Dairy products are rumoured to cause pimples. This is an urban myth with no scientific proof. In any case, you won’t be ingesting the milk. You will be applying it on your face.


Milk provides a soothing effect. It will ease any itching and irritation. Honey does the actual work of annihilating the microbes.


Wear an egg white mask!


Yum, yum! Egg white is very popular for anti-aging therapy. Better yet, it has even more practical applications. It provides relief from hickey and eradicates scars that may have been produced by your blemishes.

Vitamins for Acne photo pic1VitaminsforAcne_zps4499601e.jpg
Acne Stars Treatment

Egg white is very popular in therapy because it has a huge envelope of vitamins and proteins. It also absorbs oils. This means it will suck up the clogged sebum from your pores and facilitate drainage. Hooray!


Wear a papaya mask!


Exotic fruits have their benefits too. These days, there is hardly any skin care product without some papaya extract. Papaya is rapidly becoming more popular than Aloe Vera.


Put some papaya in your mixer and layer up the infected area with the juice. Papaya has active agents that remove dead skin cells and excess lipids from the skin.

Acne Pills photo pic1AcnePills_zps48756efc.jpg
What Causes Acne

The Clear Pores System for Acne

If you find these home-made remedies too much of a hassle, simply order our highly recommended clear pores system.

The clear pores system is an all-natural product. It is a homeopathic remedy with no side-effects. The herbal formula contains proprietary ingredients of the highest standing.


The clinically acclaimed formula has won several medical awards for its efficacy and safety standards. The magazine of natural health science calls it the miracle cure for acne.


It is the secret formula behind the smooth, shiny skin of Hollywood stars. Order the certified clear pores system now and blast your acne away.

Acne Pills
Home Remedies for Acne


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