MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way. MGTOW is basically a group of guys who share two things in common:
1) They have the full knowledge of the exact nature of women.

2) Mgtow men simply do not get married. Not even a pre-nuptial agreement will entice them into marriage.

What is the Nature of Women?

Those, who perceive the nature of women, fully understand the materialistic nature of our capitalist world. Societies are materialistic because women are materialistic.
How can this be, you ask. This assertion goes against your lucid observations. Everywhere you look; it is mostly men pre-occupied with accumulating money and resources.

 photo pic1 MGTOW - Katrina Bowden_zpsjc1bkaq4.jpg
MGTOW – Katrina Bowden

Yes, it is mostly men, who build businesses and acquire resources. But why do men do this?
Men accumulate money because men love women and women love money.
Hence, men accumulate money; in order to attract women. It is a well known fact, that a guy practically stops spending money on himself, once he has purchased his dream car and ideal house.
According to women in the United States make more than 85% of consumer purchases and are estimated to influence 95% of the total purchasing decisions of goods and services.
A woman does not need to be present for her to influence your buying decision.
A woman is not around, when a guy deposits a huge check at the Porsche or Bugatti dealership. Yet, he probably buys the car for the singular reason of sweeping a babe off her feet.
The reason why men work so hard and make so many sacrifices is because women want money. Most married men are explicitly aware that the love of their wives is contingent upon their paycheck.
 photo pic2 Kelly Brook - mgtow_zpsa9j9df8g.jpg
Kelly Brook – mgtow

Indeed, your wife may not leave you on the same day that you lose your job; but, as Chris Rock said, “you can be sure that the countdown has begun.”
At the bottom of most divorces, lies a financial problem.
There are scores of quacks out there such as Julien Blanc making an absolute fortune teaching suckers how to get girls. Yeah! You read that rightly.
You are a total, unmitigated SUCKER, if you need some guru to teach you how to get laid.
No guru posses a secret, esoteric formula to get the babes queued up, just gagging for it. You will not find such as secret formula in any book or dating-coaching program.
The formula to get the babes lined up is not a secret. Everyone knows it. It is money. It is that simple. Nothing else will make the ladies wetter, faster; except POWER.
If you neither have money nor power, then you really have to get creative pretending that you have the money and/or power.

 photo pic3 MGTOW - Nicole Mejia_zpsolub3fua.jpg
MGTOW – Nicole Mejia

You have to come up with creative pick up lines to titillate the senses of the damsels. While you are at it, you might just as well take some acting classes because an actor is what you’ll have to become to get success with the ladies.
Which is the quickest path to getting the babes? Is it quicker to get the babes by actually becoming rich or is it quicker to act as though you were rich?
Most guys prefer the latter. If you choose to act, you really need to become a good actor because you’ll be faced with massive competition in this route.
Remember, almost everyone else has chosen to act as if.
What, if you choose to actually become rich?
First off, we really need to define rich! Let’s assume rich is any income over $250K per year. Believe it or not, these days, there is really little competition in the path to becoming rich.
This does not mean that you will not really have to work hard. You will. Hard work is mandatory. There are no short-cuts; however, once you get there, you’ll discover that it was worth the effort.

 photo pic4 Marriage and Divorce_zpsmbxlm0dj.jpg
Marriage and Divorce

Getting rich is worth it because of the values that you acquire on the path to riches.
But is it worth splurging your hard-earned money on women?
No! It is not worth it. Why spend a dime to get laid, when you can get laid for free?
Never spend one cent on any babe. All you have to do, to get their panties wet, is roll by in your Aston Martin or Maserati.
Rub your wealth in their noses but never give them a dime. Take them to your penthouse and those panties will be off in a flash.
Make sure you wear a condom, though. Besides STDs, you might just get her pregnant.
Honestly, it would be better for you to contract a venereal disease than to get a western skank pregnant.
Most STDs are curable. Even HIV AIDS is curable, if you are diagnosed in a timely fashion. On the contrary, you’ll be hooked for the next 18years on child support, if you get her pregnant.

Woman After Divorce

Also install a dozen hidden cameras in your penthouse to cover all angles. False rape accusations are more common than you think.
In a court of law, your word carries less weight against hers. Even if, you are eventually acquitted, the local press will crucify you long before the verdict.
The company of a stunningly hot babe is enjoyable, but the pleasure could easily turn into vinegar.

Marriage and MGTOW

Mgtows do not marry because approximately half of all marriages in the US end in divorce. Sweden tops the charts with a 55% divorce rate.
Even though, your casual relationship with a babe might turn into vinegar; marriage is an entirely different ball game.
In marriage, your life can transform into hell. Worse yet, your divorce will forever end your life as you know it.
I personally know married guys who volunteer for overtime just to avoid returning home. They will do anything to avoid the wife.
Most married guys live pathetic lives of quite misery. You know what they say about misery. “Misery loves company.”

Men Going Their Own Way

Most married guys will encourage you to get married because they want someone to share their sorry stories with.
Do not be fooled! The marriage life is not a happy life. It is the definition of indenture servitude.
A happy indentured servant is an oxymoron. At least, indentured servants were granted liberty, once their debt had been repaid.
Once married, your freedom is forever lost. Freedom is self-ownership. Once married, your time and money are no longer yours.
Should you divorce, your situation does not improve, it gets worse!
Upon divorce, half your assets go to your ex-wife. As of 2014, the western man is better off than the Indian man, in this aspect.
In India, the ex-wife has a claim even on the ancestral property of the ex-husband. It does not matter, if the ancestral property has been with the husband’s family for generations, spanning across centuries.
Both in India and the West, there exist a scheme of legal robbery called alimony (spousal support).
It is amazing how many men only find out in divorce court that communal property and alimony are two separate and distinct items.

I Will Marry Your Money

You see, upon marriage, what used to be your property is now community property. There are two individuals in this community: you and your wife.
In divorce court, this community property will be split right in the middle. You retain half and the other half goes to your ex-wife.
In addition to half your assets, she has a claim to a portion of your monthly income, which will permit her to maintain the same standard of living, which she enjoyed, while she was married to you.
If you had children with this woman, you’ll also have to pay her child support.
Notice, you are not paying the child support to the children. You pay the money to your ex-wife. She decides how much to spend on the kids.
It would have been quite a consolation, if child support money actually went to the kids. But, this is NEVER the case.
In the west, marriage is a legal license to rob.
The graveyard is full of the victims of this ignominious crime. May the gentle soul of Robin Williams (1951-2014) Rest In Peace.

Forget the Men’s Rights Movement

After divorce, the suicide rate for men is 7times higher than that of women.
If you hope to get this information from your mainstream media, I have two words for you. KEEP DREAMING!

Why You Must Have Green Coffee Bean Extract in Your Weight Loss Arsenal

Green coffee bean extract is the natural solution to your weight loss problems.
The formula for weight loss has always been hailed as dieting and exercising. Well, not quite! The right formula to get fit and remain in shape is good nutrition and regular exercise.
There is a difference between good nutrition and conforming to a starvation diet.
Diets do not work! Most people have had to learn this lesson from the school of hard knocks. Do not follow in their footsteps!

Green Coffee Bean Extract photo pic1GreenCoffeeBeanExtract_zpse3b8ca32.jpg
Green Coffee Bean Extract

Why Diets Do Not Work?

The answer lies in the evolution of our species: Homo sapiens.
Our ancestors evolved in an environment, in which, famine and starvation were commonplace. Ancient life was pitiless. Death wiped out those who could not store enough fat to survive the harsh starvation periods.
Only those with a high capacity to store fat survived the famines. We are the descendants of those Homo sapiens. Thousands of years of evolution have programmed our genes to store fat.
This astounding fact makes dieting a catastrophic attempt to lose weight; that is destined to fail.

Get a Flat Stomach with Green Coffee Beans photo pic2GetaFlatStomachwithGreenCoffeeBeans_zpse0e654f5.jpg
Get a Flat Stomach with Green Coffee Beans
When you go on a diet for the first time, you might very well succeed in losing weight. At the same time, a mechanism of crucial importance is being unleashed. Your body is registering the dieting period as a famine.
Your body does not know that, you are voluntarily rationing your meals. Your body thinks that, you are starving and at risk of death. Your body responds by putting up a fight to ensure your survival. It activates your fat-storing genes.
That is why, people quickly regain weight when, they stop dieting.
And this precise fact makes green coffee bean extract an exciting new discovery. You do not have to go on a diet or alter your eating habits; in order to profit from the weight loss effects of green coffee bean extract.

Fitness with Green Coffee Antioxidant photo pic3FitnesswithGreenCoffeeAntioxidant_zpsc773921e.jpg
Fitness with Green Coffee Antioxidant

Green Coffee Bean Extract:

The Miracle Pill to Burn Fat

An explosive media buzz erupted when Dr Oz heralded the green coffee bean extract on his TV show as “the miracle pill to burn fat.” Hordes of critics leapt out of their caves to accuse Dr Oz of hyperbole.
The skeptics took their acidic criticisms to a corrosive new level when Dr Oz said:
“You may think magic is make believe, but this little bean has scientists saying they found the magic weight loss cure for every body type. It’s green coffee beans and when turned into a supplement, this miracle pill can burn fat fast for anyone, who wants to lose weight. This is very exciting and it’s breaking news.”

How to Get a Flat Stomach photo green coffee bean extract
How to Get a Flat Stomach
Dr Oz’s statement does indeed sound like hype. But he stood his ground in spite of the storm of criticisms. And he decided to silence the critics by performing his own study on the effectiveness and safety of commercial GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant).

Scientific Proof that

Green Coffee Bean Extract Works 

100 women volunteered to participate in the study conducted by the medical unit of Dr Oz’s TV show. The study lasted two weeks and was carried out under the diligent supervision of Dr Caroline Apovian and registered dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick.
The following criteria were used to select the participants:
The women were all between the ages of 35 and 45.
The women were either overweight or obese.
The women were neither pregnant nor breastfeeding.
The women had no medical records of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.
The BMI (Body Mass Index) of the women ranged from 25 to 45.

The Ultimate Sexy Midsection Nutrition green coffee bean extract
The Ultimate Sexy Midsection Nutrition

For 2weeks, half of the women took 400mg of GCA, thrice daily. The other half took a placebo, thrice daily. The experiment was double-blind. This means that, the participants did not know whether, they were taking the placebo or the GCA. Only the supervisors of the experiment knew; who was taking what.
The women were also required to keep a daily journal. They were asked to maintain their usual eating and exercising habits.
After 2weeks, the results were sensational.
On average the women who took the GCA had lost 2pounds in 2weeks. A lose of 2pounds in 2weeks without a change in diet is truly breaking news.
A fat loss of 2pounds in 2weights might not seem impressive; but remember that this was achieved without a change in diet or exercise routine. Imagine how much more fat you can burn by adding exercises to your weight loss efforts.
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract

In addition, these phenomenal results are attained without any side-effects. The guaranteed safety of green coffee bean extract is the prevailing reason why, you should have this miracle fat burner in your weight loss arsenal.


First we had the GANGSTERS.

Then came the BANKSTERS.

Hurray! The DOCSTERS have arrived on the crime stage.

On the 19th of June 2013, the AMA (American Medical Association) classified obesity as a disease.

pic1 Obestity Trendin photo pic1ObestityTrendin_zps88d0c81a.gif
Click here – First Class Weight Loss Formula

This filthy group of docsters voted to classify obesity as a disease, by a narrow margin. Since when did science become a democracy? Since when did reason, facts and unbiased scientific methodology cease to apply in medicine?

You do not have to dig deep to find the obvious answers to these questions.

Candice Swanepoel photo pic2CandiceSwanepoel_zpse7e719eb.jpg
Start Losing Weight Today

The AMA is responding to the tremendous transformations, sweeping through American society. Our once capitalist nation has become a glaring plutocracy, excelling in every facet of ugliness.

AMA pretends to stand for American Medical Association. However, its true moral nature is the Association of Mercantile con-Artists.

Hence, the questions!

How To Get A Flat Stomach photo pic3HowToGetAFlatStomach_zpsbd166109.jpg
Get a Sexy Flat Stomach

Who is being defrauded? Why is the victim being defrauded?

The answer to the second question is simple: follow the money. These docsters are motivated by the same greed, which spurs every plutocrat into dubious rackets.

It is all about YOUR MONEY!

Ivory May Kalber photo pic4IvoryMayKalber_zpsbad73b0e.jpg
Ivory May Kalber – Curvy Women are HOT

Obesity as a disease means a flood of new customers for the doctors. If you are obese, you are sick. See your doctor! What do you suppose is happening to your doctor’s cash registers? It is singing “I conned you babe,” all the way to the bank.

What do you suppose the medicalization of obesity represents to big Pharma? It represents billions of dollars in sales revenues.

where the cats of Big Pharma photo pic5wherethecatsofBigPharma_zps41723f44.jpg

It is all about your money and we are talking big money. We are talking about multitudes of billions of dollars per quarter.

In 2010, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that over 35% of American adults were obese. (Source: Wikipedia)

Please stop reading and go over to Wikipedia because you really need to verify that number.

Flat stomach girl lying on bed photo pic6-Flatstomachgirllyingonbed_zpsfa77308f.jpg
Learn How to Rip Your Abdominal Muscles

Have you checked the statistic? Do you understand what that means? 35% means that, more than 1 out of every 3 American adults has suddenly become paying customer to our vulgar breed of nasty docsters and their pharmaceutical associates.

Docsters on Vacation photo pic7DocstersonVacation_zps7a7e629f.jpg

Are you thinking; that’s no big deal? The docsters and their pharmaceutical associates can’t force an obese person to see a doctor. They can’t force an obese person to purchase medication. So, it is no big deal! They can vote all the ordinances, they want. It’s ok; so long as, they can’t use force to reach into the obese’ pockets!

You naïve and gullible human! May God forgive you!

Babe in Water photo pic8BabeinWater_zpsae60ee4e.jpg
Learn How to Develop a Flat Tummy

You have too much faith in your fellow man. Who can blame you; especially when, we are talking about a well-respected group of professionals? You just can’t come around to see that, this prestigious class of professionals is just as rotten as our wall-street banksters.

Permit me to break it down for you!

Back to the first question! Who is being defrauded?


hot and enticing photo pic9hotandenticing_zps1daab177.jpg
How to get a flat stomach

You are being defrauded. You are their victim! It is completely irrelevant, whether you are obese or not. You too are going to pay. Everybody will! Remember O*ama care _ the socialized healthcare scheme! What do you think, it is all about?

Previously, if an obese person wanted medical care, she had to pay for it from her pocket. Medical insurance did not cover obesity because it was not a disease.

flat stomach model photo pic10flatstomachmodel_zps4d0acbb6.jpg
Here is How to get a flat Belly

Now that obesity is a disease, the insurance companies have to cover it.

Are you thinking, that’s fine by me because my employer pays my insurance policy?

If you don’t receive your monthly pay slip, hop over to the accounting department! Ask them for your pay slip.

Prepare to make a shocking discovery.

tight well built babe photo pic11tightwellbuiltbabe_zps318d8f6e.jpg
Learn How to Rip Your Abs

Where does the difference between your gross pay and your net pay go? Take a good look at the money going out for your medical policy. That money could have been part of your take-home pay. At least a large chunk of it! Your employer would have paid you that money, if he didn’t have to hand it over to the insurance company.

Worse yet, the money going out for your medical policy is about to experience and exponential explosion.

Train hard photo pic12Trainhard_zps389e8c96.jpg
Get Motivated

Why should you care? After all, no one is reducing your salary. I’ll tell you why. You should care because you have been deprived of a raise. Even if, your company announces record profits, year after year, your salary is likely to remain the same. If it increases at all, it would only be, by a negligible pittance.

Why are you not getting your share in your company’s huge profits?

Because the money, that was supposed to be paid to you, is now being paid to your insurance company.

 photo pic13JessicaBiel_zps1b65f003.gif
Steal Jessica Biel’s Formula

Can you see, that it is your money we are talking about? And it does not matter whether you are obese or not. You are still going to pay.

What about the obese? Are they going to benefit? Are they going to get cured? Are we going to start seeing less obese people in the streets?

No, the obese will not benefit!!!

only the docsters will benefit photo pic14onlythedocsterswillbenefit_zpsb5fb02f9.jpg

You and the obese are being taken to the cleaners. The monstrous irony is nothing is getting cleaned. You will get nothing in return. On the contrary, the situation will only get worse.

It is a guarantee!!!

lifting weights photo pic15liftingweights_zps161fb063.jpg
Real Girls Lift

It is not a question of likelihood. It is going to get worse. If you think, 1 in 3 obese Americans spells an epidemic, give it a decade. That number is going to be bordering 1 in 2 Americans.

Obesity is like depression. BOTH CONDITIONS ARE NOT DISEASES.

Obesity is a lifestyle choice photo pic16-Obesityisalifestylechoice_zpsca527d81.jpg
Train Insane or Remain The Same

They are completely under your control. You can work your way out of a depression and obesity at will.

Let’s examine what has happened, since the classification of depression as a disease and its subsequent medicalization by the docsters’ partner in crime, Big Pharma.

Depression spread like damaging gossip, affecting 1 in every 10 Americans. Big Pharma never had it so good.

Floating Island photo pic17FloatingIsland_zps383b5f37.jpg

Every year, the sales of Prozac keep skyrocketing to new heights. If depression is being treated, shouldn’t we see a decrease in patients?

Do you really belief medication and medical procedures are going to reduce the obesity epidemic?

Rebecca Romijn photo pic18RebeccaRomijn_zps4013aa3c.jpg
Steal Rebecca Romijn’s Flat Stomach Secret

Of course, it won’t. And everyone knows this. The docsters know it. The obese know it.

Medication and medical procedures won’t help because obesity is not a disease. Obesity is the product of a lackadaisical lifestyle of gluttony and inactivity.

Oh! Am I heartless now? Am I inhuman for telling the truth? Are you now screaming, some people truly have a genetic handicap; hence, obesity is not their fault?

Obesity is a lifestyle choice photo pic19Obesityisalifestylechoice_zpscfe71e40.gif
Obesity is a Lifestyle Choice

PC (Political Correctness) is killing us!

Yes, some obese people have a genetic handicap. The group is less than 1% of the more than 35% of obese Americans. I am not referring to them.

Rebecca Romijn fruits photo pic20RebeccaRomijn0_zps7e4e9155.jpg
Rebecca Romijn – Learn How This SuperModel Maintains a Flat Stomach

In addition, they are not the target of the docsters and Big Pharma. Paradoxically, this is the only group that needs any help.

The indisputable fact remains that, more than 99% of the obese are lazy gluttons. But it’s their prerogative to be couch-loving, junk-food dumpsters.

Rebecca Romijn on the beach photo pic21RebeccaRomijn1_zpsdd9a0fb5.jpg
Tips on How To Develope a Flat Stomach

It is not the obese; that are in the crosshairs of this rant. It is the docsters and their pharmaceutical partners in crime!

And make no mistake about it. Theirs is not a victimless crime. You are their victims. They are reaching into your pockets and they are doing so by force!

curvy woman photo pic22curvywoman_zpsbedc55ec.jpg
Curvy is the New Sexy

How To Get A Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach – The Key to Attractiveness

               Hate it or love it! Sexual fitness is an asset and a flat stomach is its crown jewel.


            The shocking truth is that those precious hours spent, decorating your face with make-up, add little to your AQ (Attractiveness Quotient). Working on your abs would be a more judicious investment of your time.

Crunches targeting rectal muscles hemorrhoids Crunchestargetingrectalmuscles_zps4c783a97.gif
Crunches Targeting Rectal abs

You are dead wrong, if you think men want to hold hands and cuddle all day long.


            So, you have invested your refined skills into producing an impeccable maquillage. Your hair is done and your sweet face is as cute as that of Helen of Troy. Again, you are dead wrong, if you think, your AQ is dancing somewhere between Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson.



            Maybe, you are blessed with the long legs of Brigitte Nielsen or Carrie Underwood. You are dead wrong, if you think, flaunting those marvelous legs would have men, come crawling, after you.


            Beyond all the aspects of beauty, men are interested in one thing only. They cannot help it. They have been genetically programmed to be attracted to it. It is the pure and brutal finality of an evolutionary programming which, they cannot escape.



            The life of the Neanderthal was harsh and tough. There was no hi-tech medication to cure him of diseases. Sickness often meant death. At any time, his life could be cut short by a wild animal. Droughts and precarious weather conditions threatened him with starvation and death. 

The constant threat of danger made survival his principal pre-occupation.


            Soon, the cave-man figured out that, his only viable means of survival was to produce healthy children. In order to produce healthy children, he had to mate with healthy women.


            The men, you see around you today, are the descendants of more than 200,000years of refinement of a single evolutionary constant.


            The name of that evolutionary constant is fertility.


            Fecundity is what makes you attractive.


            Yeah, your face might be drop dead gorgeous. Your thick, lustrous hair might be absolutely enticing. Your long, groomed legs as smooth as egg shells might be totally breath-taking. But men will pass those assets of yours for the woman, who radiates fecundity.



WHR – Waist to Hips Ratio

            Fecundity is your most desired attribute. Fertility is the attribute, which raises your attractiveness quotient to the height of Beyoncé.

             Fertility is what makes you attractive. Fertility is what men are looking for.


            Hence, the most insightful question you can ask. How do men detect fecundity?


            We have the answer, thanks to years of extensive research conducted in 1993 by evolutionary psychologist Devendra Singh at the University Of Austin, Texas.


            Devendra Singh’s uncanny discovery revealed that, while men’s initial glance landed on the boobs, their eyes quickly zoomed to the waist and hips. Their pupils literally dilated.



            When men eye you, your bosom is the first thing, they consciously evaluate. Seconds later, all interests in your boobs are lost. Men are subconsciously forced by the evolutionary programming of their brains to seize up your waist to hip ratio. A lightning-fast thunderbolt of computations sizzle through their brains to produce the ultimate verdict:

Attractive or Not Attractive.


            Worse yet! Did I mention that these calculations are subconscious? Do you get what that means?  


            It means men can’t help it. It means their cave-man brains perform these calculations independent of their will. It means, they are going to seize you up and pronounce the verdict, whether they want to do it or not.


            Shockingly, the same standard of evaluation runs through all cultures from east to west.



            Since the research conducted by evolutionary scientist Devendra Singh, many other scientists have pursued similar studies. They have all arrived at the same unequivocal conclusion.


            The ideal WHR (Waist-to-Hip Ratio) which signals fecundity to men and makes you irresistibly attractive is 0.7.


            A WHR of 0.7 means that, the hips of the ideal woman have to be almost 1.5 times larger than the waist. Are you thinking of Jennifer Lopez? You got that right.


            It turns out, that starving yourself to look like Barbie won’t get you the best catch in town.


Valeria Lukyanova is not Barbie. She is a real life human being.



How to Measure the WHR

            Your AQ (Attractiveness Quotient) is equal to your WHR (Waist-to-Hip Ratio).


            Hence, the question, how do you measure it?


            Very simple.


            Measure the circumference of your waist. Then measure the circumference of your hips. Then, divide the circumference of your waist by that of your hips.


            Locate your waist!


            Use your fingers to touch your lowest ribs. Your waist is just below the line of your lowest ribs and above your iliac crest. Your iliac crest is the top of the bone on your lower back.


            Locate your hips!


            Off course, you know where your hips are located. But do you know, what part of your hips to measure? The measurement is taken about the widest part of your hips.



            If the result is less than 0.6 or greater than 0.8, prepare to be single throughout your life because no one will be asking you out, ever.


            If the result is close to 0.7, you are very attractive.


            If the result is a perfect 0.7, prepare to have the world crawling at your feet. For example, if your waist measures 63cm and your hips 90cm; then, you are the living incarnation of a goddess.



 Christina HendricksImage

Flat Stomach Myth – Beauty Standards Change over Time

            Yes indeed, beauty standards have evolved over time. However, the 0.7WHR has remained fairly constant throughout history.


            Observe the curvaceous figures of the Roman goddess of beauty Venus from the Renaissance through to the age of reason period. The beauty standards from this era, evidently praised a fatter waistline. By today’s standards, these women would be considered fat.


The Birth of Venus by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)


Venus with a Mirror by Titian (1490-1576)

            The vital lesson from history is that body type does not matter. The essential beauty attribute is the WHR (waist to hip ratio). Both the paintings of Roman goddess of beauty, Venus and the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite are portrayed with a similar WHR of 0.7.



Flat Stomach Myth – Beauty Resides in the Eyes of the Beholder


            Stop kidding yourself!


            There is neither a single period in history, nor a single culture on earth; in which, obesity has been hailed as desirable.


Fat is distasteful PERIOD


            In the privacy of your mind, you have the freedom to console yourself that; beauty is just a question of taste that fat doesn’t matter.


Body Types

a) Figure of the average woman with “standard measures”

b) Classical hourglass figure 90-60-90

c) The sportive masculine-like figure, overall tight and toned body

d) The Barbie figure: slender, big busts, tight pelvis and long legs

            It does matter! In depth research by the evolutionary psychologist Devendra Singh revealed that all the winners of the “Miss America Contests” from 1920 until 1980 had a WHR ranging from 0.72 to 0.69. Devendra Singh also discovered that the WHR of playboy models ranged from 0.71 to 0.68.


            No matter the era, nor observers involved, the icons of beauty throughout the ages have consistently had a WHR (Waist-to-Hips Ratio) of approximately 0.7. This fact is true of Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Twiggy, Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr.


             Take a good hard look at this voluptuous jewel. Notice her lower abdomen literally bulging forward. By today’s standards, that tummy will immediately end Miranda Kerr’s modeling career.



            Yet, I dare you to claim that Marilyn Monroe is not a timeless beauty. She has got the perfect WHR of 0.7 and that is what counts.


            Women have always know this, hence the popularity of the corset. However, you can’t wear a corset to the beach. You can’t switch off the lights every time you are in the bedroom with your partner.


            Suppose you could deceive everyone about your true proportions. You will still remain a slave to the feeling of inadequacy, brought about by the knowledge that, you are a fraud.

showing off body slidshow hemorrhoids showingoffbodyslidshow_zps8212f275.gif

            Why would anyone deliberately choose to suffer from low self-esteem when the rewards of developing a flat stomach are exceedingly rewarding. A flat stomach will save you from an array of diseases ranging from diabetes, hemorrhoids, cardio-vascular ailments and osteoarthritis, ravaging much of the west.  


            It is commendable to develop a flat stomach for health and aesthetic reasons. 

           It is supreme to develop a flat stomach for your self-esteem. Philosophers like Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Brandon argue that, self-esteem is indispensable to happiness.

three fitness barbies hemorrhoids threefitnessbarbies_zpsa16e487e.gif

            A flat stomach might just be your key to happiness.